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Learn More About Parent Access

Go to the Parent Access logon page: Click Here


What is Parent Access? 

Persons responsible for a student’s educational expenses may receive access to the student account in order to make payments, manage payment plans, and view bills online. This information is otherwise inaccessible without documented consent from the student; consent is given in the form of creating a ‘Parent Pin’.           

Creating a parent pin does not grant access to registration, grades, or other student information, as the student remains protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

How is Parent Access Created? 

  • The student logs on to COMPASS and goes to My Online Account in the Student Accounts Tab On the left side halfway down is the PARENT PIN control.
  • The student "invites" a parent by typing in their name and email address
  • The system immediately sends an email to the parent with a temporary password and link
  • Parents can then set up a custom password and answer security questions for future "forgot password"      

Why is Parent Access Important? 

  • Cornish does not mail hard-copy bills. The bill can only be viewed online.
  • Payment plans and online payments can only be managed using the online account.
  • Without this authorization, the Office of Student Accounts will not be able to disclose important tax information (such as the 1098-T) and any student account information, including the balance owed.