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Lender options:

You may do your own search for a private lender.

You may access a list of lenders selected by Cornish students in the last three years at ELMSelect


The Financial Aid office at Cornish will work with your lender of choice.


What is a private loan?

A private loan is an option to cover your educational costs after federal loans.

A private loan is a non-federal loan issued by a lender such as a bank or credit union. 

A private loan requires a credit check of the student borrower and co-borrower.

A private loan is a viable option to cover direct costs but is generally more expensive than federal loans with terms varying by lender and loan product.



Exercise caution when selecting a lender and loan product.

Contact your selected lender for technical or processing difficulty.

  • Click on Scholarship Search.
  • Select a scholarship category. 
  • Generate Report  or click on scholarship link to apply.

Tutorial (sample - update coming soon)