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What is E-Refund?

E-Refund is the exclusive method that Cornish uses to quickly send money to students. When a student overpays tuition and fees or borrows extra loans to help meet expenses these are examples of "refunds". Cornish wants to deliver these funds that are generally intended for books, supplies and living expenses as quickly as possible. E-Refund allows Cornish College to electronically transmit funds directly into any account the student may designate. In some cases the student may enroll using the parents account so the funds may be managed by the family.
E-Refund is mandatory in only the requirement that you enroll or decline the option. Declining E-Refund in the Fall Semester rolls any credit balance over to the Spring Semester. Declining E-Refund in the Spring Semester declines receiving refunds until the 50% period of the semester. Cornish will mail paper checks to those students if they have a credit balance after that 50% period. Many students chose to decline the E-Refund Option in the Fall so that any extra funds or scholarships they may receive will help with the Spring bill.
You may change your option to Enroll or Decline at any time!!
1) Have your checkbook handy, or have your bank account and routing number available.
2) Go to My Online Account : Access My Online Account  (must have active log on)
3) On the left side of the page go to Accept or Decline E-Refund.
3) Follow the instructions on the web pages. Be sure to save the information when you are finished.
HELPFUL HINT  If you are not sure what is a routing number and what is an account number there is a diagram of a standard check, please use that diagram, Also be sure to note if the account is a savings or checking
A few days after Cornish Sends the funds to the wrong account, the bank will notify Cornish. Cornish will then suspend your E-Refund Account and send you and email that you need to review the routing and account numbers. As soon as you have saved new account information in E-Refund, your E-Refund will be reactivated and your funds will be sent to you in the next batch.